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AARP Report on Annuities

Why annuities are among the strongest retirement savings vehicles. How to guarantee your retirement income for life. Given today’s fragile and unpredictable economy, many people are looking for ways to provide GUARANTEED income for life from their retirement savings. This is the finding of a report entitled “Money Matters” from AARP, the 40-million-member association for […]
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America’s Long-Term Care Crisis: Are You Prepared

This newsletter is a special edition dedicated to an often overlooked and/or misunderstood planning tool. As we age, our financial planning needs naturally change and we have to anticipate roadblocks ahead that most ignore until it’s too late. When the subject of potential or unforeseen health problems arises, as human beings our natural and typical […]
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Common IRA Mistakes That Can Be Avoided

MISTAKE #1: Failure to Name a Designated Beneficiary or Failure to Update the Designation Form  If you fail to name a designated IRA beneficiary, it could have unintended consequences. What is a “designated” beneficiary? Aren’t all beneficiaries “designated”? No, they are not the same! A designated beneficiary is a living, breathing, human with a remaining […]
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Securing Your Retirement Today

Will You Outlive Your Retirement Nest Egg? Negative market performance over the last few years has impacted the way people look at retirement planning. Significant loss of retirement funds created a common dilemma: will you have enough to live on during retirement? If this is a concern for you or any of your loved ones, […]
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Tax-Free Retirement

Is Tax-Free Retirement possible? YES, it is! So what is the big secret to tax-free retirement, is it evasion? Absolutely not! Is it some new product? No! To begin, American’s face two threats to their retirement nest egg… first, outliving their nest egg and second, losing that nest egg to heavy, immediate and unnecessary taxation. […]
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