Retire Safe & Tax Free - Wealth Protection Planning

We segment the Wealth Protection Plan into four distinct zones.

The zones represent different phases of your investment life and include:

  • Create & Grow Wealth
  • Protect & Preserve Life Savings
  • Plan for Retirement Distribution in the most tax advantageous manner while living
  • Plan for a Life Legacy

The first zone, is what we call Create and Grow Wealth. During this time, we are all contributing money to pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s and other investment plans to build a nest egg for retirement. During this phase, we focus on the contributions and interest rates our investments are earning. Most clients tell me this is what the majority of their time is spent on with their current or past advisors - focus on creating and growing wealth.

While creating and growing wealth is a very important phase of your investment life, it certainly is not the only phase. As we get into our 50s and 60s, people invariably shift their concerns to protecting and preserving their life savings. If over the past 15 years people had focused an equal share of their time on protecting and preserving their life savings, just think how much better off they may be today compared to where they actually are. Certainly avoiding the gross turndowns in the market from 2001 through 2003 and 2008 through 2009 would have put most people in a far better position than they are today. At least that's what most of the people I work with are telling me, yet I find that very little time is spent by advisors showing people how to protect and preserve their life savings.

People start to approach retirement, planning for retirement distribution in the most tax advantageous manner while living, becomes a huge priority. The amount of money paid in taxation can completely change the quality of retirement and the quantity of income that will be available. With taxes poised to go up significantly in the years ahead, many Americans believe that making positive steps now to eliminate and mitigate taxation in retirement is a critical goal. Again, I surprisingly find that very few of their current advisors do anything about this. Regrettably, many clients simply drift into retirement without any tax plan in place and without any effective retirement distribution strategy.

Lastly, most people tell me that they want to pass on legacies to their children and grandchildren in the most tax advantaged manner possible. Mitigating and eliminating the heavy, immediate and unnecessary taxation that can destroy a lifetime of savings is a major goal for many of my clients. I'm curious… have any of your current or past advisors ever talked to you about all four of these issues?

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