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With over 10,000 Baby Boomers expected to retire each day for the next 18 years, withdrawal and decumulation strategies will dominate the direction of our discussions with clients.

Together, we will specifically explore how some of the industry's most influential asset management and insurance organizations are developing products and services that support the long-term preservation of assets.

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We will also address how we can position retirement portfolios to generate steady streams of income for our clients during a prolonged period of retirement - one that could be filled with unexpected events including the sudden and unexpected downturns of the stock markets and potential financial liabilities.

One of the most important decisions a retiree must make is to determine from which retirement assets to withdraw funds to meet everyday living expenses. We help guide our clients with making those decisions.

Many times all a person needs is to have us explain the types of retirement investment accounts, how they are taxed, and how they relate to various types of retired taxpayers. Our goal is to make certain our clients will be able to understand the main types of retirement accounts and explain the basic taxation principles of traditional IRA and other qualified retirement accounts, as well as describe tax-sensitive withdrawal strategies.

We all know the statistics; women live longer and earn more degrees than their male counterparts, and hold an increasing amount of the country's wealth. But what happens during a major (and often devastating) life changing event. This is where we come in for our clients to help with the overall planning process and become their personal financial quarterback.

We also help our clients make tax-smart decisions regarding their retirement plan distributions. We show our clients the latest strategies how to grab the special tax deals and avoid the penalties, including: three major decisions at retirement; 10 things you must consider when a client is rolling money from one plan to another; and, reasons to take out money BEFORE clients have to.

Increasing volatility, increasing correlations, and increasing stress. With all that's happening on the world stage, and its reflection in domestic and overseas markets, how do you ensure your retirement portfolio will be built to last? Which investment allocations are real and which are to be avoided at all costs-and more importantly, how do you recognize the dangers and opportunities that could devastate or maximize a retirement portfolio's durable income stream?

Those approaching retirement must face many important decisions about sources of future income and asset allocation, while also taking into consideration critical issues such as taxation, longevity, and estate planning strategies. During accumulation of retirement assets and prior to the distribution of those assets, pre-retirees face a critical 5-10 year transition period. In our meetings, we'll explore how to help these "transition boomers" reframe their income strategies in today's complex retirement landscape.

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