Retire Safe & Tax Free - The Story of Barbara...

woman happy because her retirement income is secureMeet Barbara - she is 73 year old widow that has $400,000 in CDs at Wells Fargo Bank. Barbara has social security benefits and a small monthly pension from her working years. The CD money is the source of the income that she needs to close the gap between her monthly income needs and what her social security and pension provides.

In 2009 that $400,000 provided her $18,800 in additional monthly income that gave her a comfortable life. Since 2009 however her income from the CDs has plummeted to $920 a year. That is a stunning 96% drop.

This past tax season Barbara's CPA discussed the opportunity that America's Tax Solutions has to create a sustainable stream of income that far exceeds the income generated by the Wells Fargo CDs.

I showed Barbara how using a Guaranteed Income Rider could improve her cash flow from $920 to $21,776 annually. That is a 2366% increase.

Barbara was thrilled. It was even better than she could have hoped for. I explained that this Income Rider would also triple in the event that she became confined to a hospital, hospice, or nursing home. That means that the $21,776 could become a whopping $65,328 a year for up to 5 years.

"OMG said Barbara - REALLY? This is life changing."

Barbara is like millions of American's that have money in "safe money" places earning essentially nothing. With our help they can significantly change the income these investments produce.

This is a tremendous opportunity to positively impact our clients' retirement security.

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