What our clients are saying...

The Invincibility Of Youth Morphing Into Graying Reality

Bob Hope once said, "you know you are old when the candles cost more than the cake". I am old. . . and it ain't pretty! Growing up, I did all the right things. Went to college, got a graduate degree, married, had two kids. . . and started on a career path in sales management that would last 30+ years. My only financial goals? Participate in a 401K program and have an annual salary (in thousands) that was twice my age. I was invincible and expanding my financial goals wasn't on the short list, as my youth (and invincibility) didn't allow me to see past my blinders. I never met with a financial advisor of course and the only planning I did was to adding a % point or two to my 401K plan.

As I aged my focus was on the concept of enhancing long-term retirement readiness by delaying Social Security benefits. I knew that the longer I waited, the higher my monthly benefits would be when I started collecting. Life was still all gravy as a six-figure income simply enabled to remain financially in the dark.

Middle age and assorted minor surgeries greeted me, and started to slow me down. Younger people were becoming commonplace in the industry and their lower salaries started to have an effect on my earning power and I could no longer add monies to my 401K program up front. And as I aged, I thought it was too late in the game to seek out a financial advisor and stubbornly decided to hang on by myself. As I approached 60, my dream of invincibility was painfully shattered. And at the age of 61, and after multiple non-life threatening surgeries I was no longer able to work full-time as I was disabled. A two-year job search was fruitless, and I am now in semi-retirement working three 5-hour shifts at a local retail store.

Reality slapped me in the face at that point, and out of desperation I sought out the help of a financial planner, Marc Weiss. And after several months of planning with a Financial Advisor That I Trust, I now have a lifetime annuity that pays monthly with a growth platform that reflects the S&P 500. As an added benefit, I now have long-term health care coverage in play. Thank you Marc for all of your hard work and follow up! Ten years ago what I have now was merely a dream. Old-age isn't pretty, but it's inevitable. In hind-sight, I should have started earlier of course with Marc, I can blame the invincibility of my youth. . . but the blame falls squarely on my shoulders.

Providing Direction

I've known you for many years and not only have been the recipient of financial advice for myself but also for prior employers. It has been my experience that you have provided directions to all whether it was directly beneficial to your business or not which is admirable in my opinion. In retrospect, one of your best suggestions was not allow me to invest a larger amount prior to relocating, in case I needed it to support myself. As it turned out, that money was desperately needed.

Mae Coleman

Expert Knowledge

Marc has expert knowledge in the field of retirement planning including IRA and other types of pension plan consulting.

Ronald Schulkin
Owner at Ronald M. Schulkin CPA A P C

A Pleasure to Work With

Marc is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He can easily guide anyone through the complicated process of Life Insurance, tax free retirement structuring, long term care, disability or the entire package. His gracious manner makes Marc a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him!

Debra Jackson

Passion for Helping People

Marc Weiss has a passion for helping people with their Insurance and money that they worked hard for. Each day Marc looks forward to new and challenging tasks, which he handles very honestly and Professionally! I would highly recommend the the man for the task!

Steven M. Marche
Pres. Great American Funding Corp., Real Estate Loans, Home Loans, Mortgage, STATED INCOME LOANS

Marc's Customer Service is Unmatchable

When I met Marc in 1995 he was my client buying Mercedes Benz's from me, after a few deals with Marc we have developed a great business relationship. In 1999 I gave Marc some money to invest for me as a trial, his thorough and diligent research, vast knowledge, precise analyses, and his simple yet educated explanations made me go forward. After the first year's return on investment being as great as it was I decided to give Marc everything that had to do with insurance or investment needs and it has been great for all these years. Marc's customer service is unmatchable; he truly goes above and beyond to ensure the job is done. When I called Marc to ask for customer's service phone number he would give it to me but he would conference me in with customer service, stayed on line to make sure my needs were handled in a timely manner. I highly recommend Marc for any and all insurance and financial needs with no hesitation as I know no one would ever be disappointed with the results.

Sam Samaan
General Sales Manager at Rusnak Jaguar

I Now See Retirement As A Viable Future Goal

Marc has helped to change my perspective on financial planning and to create a roadmap to making a future retirement possible. This was no small task given my prior ignorance and confusion on this subject, but Marc has been very informative, patient and supportive throughout the process. I now see retirement as a viable future goal and I thank Marc for helping to create this vision.

Craig Warren
Assistant Vice President at Hub International Insurance Services, Inc.

Most Importantly, He is Trustworthy, Honest and Open

Marc is a consummate professional, who has consistently looked out for my best financial interests. He assisted me in rolling over my 401K, consolidating various holdings, advising on IRA's and planning for retirement as I started my new business. He is very knowledgeable about investments and taxes, but more importantly, to me, he is trustworthy, honest, open, and extremely personable. I look forward to many more years to come of working with Marc. Thank You! :)

Cindy Albon, LAc, MSOM, DiplAc
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Owner at WellStream Acupuncture in Los Angeles

I Can't Say Enough

I have known Marc and his company for years. This year I had him help me with my investments and I can't say enough about how much he helped me. It's great to have someone who listens, understands and does right by you. Now he has handled my husband's 401k rollover. Thanks Marc, You're the best!

Kimberly Schneidereit
Sales Representative at Rogers Benefit Group


Marc Weiss is a great person to do business with and I highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgable and helpful when it comes to IRA's, Roth IRA's, health insurance, LTC and annuities. I have done business with Marc and the Archer Weiss company for 10+ years in various areas. Marc, and the whole staff at Archer Weiss, are topnotch for all of the services listed above you will be genuinely pleased with your results.

Jo Ann Pierce
Vice President at GNW-Evergreen Ins. Services, LLC

Cares About His Clients

Marc is an extraordinary professional who cares about his clients and takes care of them in every respect. I highly recommend him for all financial services and insurance needs.

Neil Hamburg
Co-President at Hamburg Golden, P.C.

I Have Found Marc to be Exceptional

Whether your interest is retirement planning, insurance, strategic financial matters, investments, or pensions I have found Marc to be exceptional. He is very genuine and you always, always get the feeling that he wishes to help you in anyway he can. If he doesn't have the information immediately available.....he'll provide in an expeditious manner..

Dennis Richardson
Senior Director at Cushman & Wakefield

Well Thought Out Advice

Marc has always delivered well thought out recommendations and advice. His steady, knowledgeable, personalized approach leads to favorable results. Time spent with him has always given me a better understanding of the world we live, invest and work in. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise, experience, and kindness!

Leslie Randall
Owner, Leslie Randall & Associates Real Estate

Trusted Colleague and Friend

Marc has been a trusted colleague and friend for about 5 years now. I greatly appreciate his time and resources that allow us to formulate, recommend and execute a plan for our clients. The best part is that I know it's handled by someone that I trust. Much appreciated Marc......

Larry Negrin, CPA

I Would Not Work With Another Advisor

Marc is a detail-oriented, competent, personable, trustworthy, and professional financial adviser. I would not work with another adviser. Marc's consistency, reliability, and genuine interest in his clients make him an outstanding and caring professional. My family has worked with Marc for many years. Marc goes out of his way to help his clients and produces great results from start to finish. He is punctual, reasonable, and patient. I enthusiastically recommend Marc without hesitation.

Joel Klass

Marc Truly Protects And Cares About His Clients

I have known Marc for several years now - mainly through senior networking groups and senior projects that we work on to help the senior community, and when he utilized our home care services for his Dad for a short period of time. Though I have not yet personally used his services, I know one of his clients who has, and they are extremely happy that they had found him. He saved their depleting retirement investments and turned it around for them safely. I have listened to him many times and he truly protects and cares about his clients. Well mannered, very focused, very professional with a kind caring heart. He is involved and gives back to the senior community. In short, accountable! I am grateful to be able to associate with him. I recommend him to anyone in need of his financial planning and services he provides.

Richard Weatherman, CFO

Amazing Support

You've made a huge difference in our benefits administration this year!! Your efforts and amazing support has been invaluable, we are so grateful!

Dom Manuel
Great Place to Work Institute, Inc.

I Am So Very Grateful

"Thanks to your careful investigation into my current financial situation and financial holdings they were able to move some of my money around in such a way to stop the heavy losses I had been experiencing. Instead I began to see some increases even during this economic downturn in the US right now.

More impressive is that they were careful to advise me not to buy a certain product that they are currently promoting heavily, because it simply wasn't right for my current situation. However, they found the perfect thing for my situation instead.

I am so very grateful to have found Marc Weiss, Michael Weiss, and Brett Modesti. Along with helping we ordinary investors, they teach CPA's how to help people especially at tax time. I hope more and more CPA's are learning what they should know about the tax consequences of IRAs and 401K's so that more and more people will be saved money like me.

Ellen Makenna, CEO
Marketing Smart, LLC producer of CareResourcesLocator.com

You Handle It Without Fail

"Just wanted to say "Thank You" for your support through the years. As soon as I hit "Send" on anything, I know I can cross it off my list because you will handle it without fail. It's great to have a company such as yours to rely on!"

T. F.
Omikron Engineering

Retire Safely

"We can now retire safely with a guaranteed lifetime income thanks to the outstanding guidance we receive from Marc Weiss. As our Advisor, Marc takes the time to understand our goals and help us to know how to accomplish them. He is awesome!"

Buzz and Elke Cohen

Gold Standard for Customer Service

"Archer Weiss sets the gold standard for customer service. Someone is nearly always available to take my phone call, but if not, I receive a return call quickly. They never hesitate to advocate for their clients with insurance companies. During the RFP process, they keep digging until they are able to present me with the kinds of plans and prices I am seeking. Archer Weiss has never let me or my employers down."

Lynne Howe
Business Operations Manager

My Money Has Grown over 50%

"About five years ago after losing over one-third of my IRA money with my old broker, my accountant referred me to Marc. His recommendations and servicing of my account has definitely grown my money over 50% and now I have a program that is guaranteed to NEVER lose money! Marc kept his word and my money is growing just like he guaranteed it would."

Michael Wren