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Barbara Archer


Barbara Archer

Barbara began her insurance career in 1975. Her expertise is in the design and implementation of management systems for administering employee benefit programs. This unique administrative system alleviates most if not all of her client's day-to-day administration of their employee benefit plans.

Barbara maintains that what happens after the sale is just as important as before the sale. She and her staff work with clients to make their benefit programs run smooth and trouble-free.

Marc Weiss

Executive Vice President

Marc Weiss

Marc's career spans over thirty six years specializing in retirement planning for retirees, business owners, television and motion picture personalities, and health care professionals. His expertise includes investments, distribution planning, legacy transfer strategies, financial planning, and insurance programs.

As a national IRA expert, Marc provides CPA's, Estate Planning Attorney's and their clients with expert IRA and 401(k) knowledge. He work closely with clients to leverage the sweeping tax laws that Congress passed in 2002, so that they may maximize their retirement income and pass a lifetime legacy onto their families. His expertise allows people to minimize taxes and maximize the value of their nest eggs. Marc's goal is to take on the tax laws and ensure that investments are secured and able to grow.

Here's how to get started on protecting your investments:

  1. Call 1-800-831-2901 or email Marc to set-up an appointment.
  2. Marc will review where your investments are at today and determine your goals and objectives you have for retirement.
  3. Marc will discuss with you how distribution works and setup an exit strategy that will minimize income taxes and guarantee a lifetime income for you and your loved ones.

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