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Barbara Archer - Health Care Reform Expert and Insurance Broker

Really Great Employee Benefits is the largest health insurance and employee benefits agency headquartered in the San Fernando Valley advising over 1,500 individuals and 400 groups and their 8,000 employees.

Certified in Health Care Reform by NAHU, Barbara is our go-to expert for individual and group health insurance. If you need assistance in implementing the upcoming changes in Health Care Reform or simply need help keeping your employee benefits costs down, contact Barbara Archer at

What You Should Know About Your Insurance Enrollment Period - Full Article

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The new health care reform laws and the health care exchange known as Covered California have changed some of the standard rules in the insurance industry. The following information has been compiled to help consumers better understand when they can make changes to their insurance and under what circumstances.

When Can I Make Changes?

In general, you can only make changes to or apply for health insurance during an annual open enrollment period. That is unless a triggering or qualifying event occurs, which allows you to make alterations to your health care insurance outside of the mandated time. Read More