Retire Safe & Tax Free - Worried About the Stock Market?

Not one Fixed Index Annuity owner has ever lost their principal or profits due to market volatility or insurance company failure. Not one time, not one dime!

woman saves dime in bank
  • Traditional market investments don't offer this.
  • Banks can't say this.
  • Bondholders can't say this.
  • Money market owners can't say this.
  • Real Estate investors can't say this.
  • Precious metal investors can't say this.
  • Variable annuity investors can't say this.

Get Informed About Fixed Index Annuities - the Ultimate Safe-Growth Strategy! Defining the "Perfect" Investment - Can Your Investment Do These Things?

  1. Protect 100% of your Principal - No Principal Loss.
  2. Allow you to participate in the upside of the market without limits.
  3. Lock in Gains.
  4. Allow you to “reset� - gains are measured from annually resetting the starting point at the low point even though you never lost money.
  5. Enjoy a tax-deferred status.
  6. At death, convert to a 100% Death Benefit to your heirs.
  7. Provide you with a GUARANTEED sustainable stream of income that you can't outlive even if your account value goes to ZERO.
  8. A stream of income that will exceed any safe income withdrawal rate.
  9. The GUARANTEED income amount will TRIPLE if you are confined to a nursing home, hospital, or hospice.
  10. Generate income that grows with inflation.

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