Retire Safe & Tax Free - Why Choose an Indexed Annuity?

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An Indexed Annuity provides the opportunity to benefit from potential gains in the equity or stock markets, but can never risk or lose money with sudden and unexpected downturns of the stock markets!

An Indexed Annuity is a compromise between a fixed interest investment and investing in equities. In some circles it is called a Hybrid Investment because it encompasses both growth of a security product with a NO-RISK investment.

An Indexed Annuity earns a minimum rate of interest and then offers the potential for excess interest earnings based on the performance of the index to which the annuity is linked. A market index tracks the performance of various indices with the S & P 500 Index the most commonly used. Other popular market segments include the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ 100 and Russell 2000. Please remember that when you are purchasing an Indexed Annuity, you are purchasing an insurance contract and NOT shares of any stock or index.

An Indexed Annuity may be right for you if you want to participate in the potential gains from the equity markets, while eliminating your potential losses during market downturns.

As a result, we recommend Indexed Annuities to those clients who may be best suited for:

  • Aversion to Risk
  • Want NO market Risk
  • Understand that a rate of return linked to stock market performance provides the potential for higher returns than fixed interest investments
  • Never lose money
  • 100% of principal and earned interest is guaranteed regardless of market performance

Before purchasing an Indexed Annuity, it is important to understand various contract features and their potential impact on the performance of your annuity. In fact there are about a dozen important features that we educate our clients about so that they can make an informed decision. So before you purchase an Indexed Annuity, please remember that it is critical you fully understand the various features in the contract you are considering and we look forward to hearing from you!

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