Retire Safe & Tax Free - Why Are Top CPA Firms Embracing Annuities?

Over the past fifty years a new investment class has emerged which provides the upside linked to equity markets but with FULL downside protection and principal guarantees.

Many leading accounting  firms have completed extensive due diligence and are now incorporating HYBRID investing which offers the best of both worlds - upside linked to equities with the safety and income traditionally associated with Bonds.

The low interest rate environment has made traditional Bond investing challenging for consumers as people continue to live longer and are more active in retirement than ever before.  We are pleased to be able to offer clients a level of certainty and features previously unavailable to them.

The Hybrid programs have such features as:

  • Gains are locked-in and not subject to future risk of loss
  • Can be modified to be growth or income oriented as the needs of the investor change
  • Cash distributions available when needed
  • Complete tax-deferral until withdrawn
  • Inflation protected
  • Guaranteed rates of growth of 10%
  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Easy to understand

Accountants who work with annuities also use the product to smooth out a client’s income. For instance, accountants use annuities to shield from taxes not only the income that would otherwise be subject every year to taxes on interest, dividends or capital gains AND from taxes related to the 3.8% healthcare surtax.

Accountants stress that people near or in retirement face many challenges. Three of these are market risk, longevity risk and inflation. Annuities may be able to mitigate or eliminate all of these risks.

By indexing, the contract has the ability to grow yet never lose value due to market performance. Annuities may also provide lifetime income while the owner maintains strict control of the money. Inflation is addressed with the wonderful potential for growth.

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