Retire Safe & Tax Free - Who Will Pay For Mom's Or Dad's Nursing Home Bill?

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Filial Support Laws and Long-Term Care Explained. . .

Imagine this: One day you're sifting through your mail. In the pile of letters, bills and junk mail, you find a letter from a law firm informing you that you need to pay $50,000 to cover the cost of your father's recent nursing home stay, or the care facility will sue you. While this may seem farfetched, depending on your parents' state of residence, this could be a possibility.

Filial support laws aren't new. In fact, they were initially derived from England's 16th century "Poor Laws." At one time, as many as 45 U.S. states had statutes obligating an adult child to care for his or her parents. Some states repealed their filial support laws after Medicaid took a greater role in providing relief to elderly patients without means. Other states did not, and a large number of filial support laws remain dormant on the books.

Now, with long-term care costs on the rise and funding sources under pressure, nursing homes and other health care providers may have increasing incentive to seek to use the courts to compel children to either help a parent financially or be at risk for covering the cost of his or her care. Today we have tremendous solutions to battle back against the high costs of Long Term Care for your family's protection! Please contact us today to illustrate the guaranteed lowest cost approach to long term care coverage's and we thank you for your time...

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