Retire Safe & Tax Free - Some Objections to Annuities

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Question I: Why Isn't Everyone Doing It?

When people are educated about annuities, according to a recent survey, about 80% of women and 40% of men do prefer to invest in annuities because of their outstanding features and benefits.

Question II: What is the Big Deal About Guaranteed Income?

Retired people still need to pay their bills month in and month out. An Annuity with a GUARANTEED INCOME benefit will GUARANTEE an income they cannot outlive. And if you die too soon your beneficiary will receive what's left from the Annuity if it is set up properly.

Question III: How Safe Is My Money In An Annuity?

Your Annuity is only as safe as the insurance company it is invested in. This is where our knowledge of Annuities is critical to the consumer.

In our view the Annuity must:

Question IV: Why Would I Invest Tax Deferred Money Like An IRA in an Annuity Which Is A Tax Deferred Vehicle?

We all need certainty in our lives when it comes to our money - especially retirement money. How else can we best invest our money into a GUARANTEED INCOME program than an Annuity - can we do it with a Brokerage Account, Bank or Investment Firm? Heaven's NO! Therefore, the only protection we see for the consumer investor is in a specially designed Annuity program.

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