Retire Safe & Tax Free - Putting Our Clients in Control of Their Future

It's not getting any easier to predict the future...

...or how changing conditions will affect our clients' retirement strategies. We explain and help them learn about an often overlooked retirement strategy that can guarantee retirement income for no matter what the future holds.

What if we could guarantee you would have enough money to support whatever lifestyle you wanted for the rest of your lives?

For one thing, you can't do the impossible. We live in a world of uncertainty, and the future will always be unpredictable. But as a financial professional, we are in a unique position to help our clients become better prepared for retirement.

As an Advisor, we delve into people's perceptions about retirement, and reveal several cases of misinformation. Bottom line, we can help our clients boost their control over their future. Helping clients build diverse portfolios that include annuities is one way you can remove some uncertainty from their financial futures, particularly when it comes to income.

Annuities can provide guaranteed lifetime income in exchange for a premium.

That promise makes annuities particularly relevant in a world of uncertainty and market volatility. Yet our research shows that many financial professionals aren't presenting annuities to their clients. Part of the reason: professionals expect their clients to object to annuities. But this expectation has been found to be wrong.

It's true that some consumers are hesitant to purchase an annuity. For example, many consumers believe they already have enough predictable income to satisfy their retirement needs, and therefore don't need an annuity. Yet, as we have seen, when people predict the timing and cost of retirement, their predictions may not be accurate. Some folks who were considering annuities had second thoughts because they would rather invest directly in the market - a potentially risky move for money intended to provide income for a lifetime. Some people object to annuities because they fear a limited access to their money. However, according to studies done by Genworth, people who own annuities are, in fact, satisfied with their access to their money.

Unfortunately, the experience of actual retirees shows they have money concerns. While many of pre-retirees in the Genworth study expected expenses to decrease in retirement, most actual retirees found their expenses increased or stayed the same. Part of the reason is "senior inflation." According to The Wall Street Journal, prices for things consumed by seniors - such as medical services, home healthcare, and nursing homes - have experienced significantly more inflation than the official consumer price index.

When daily essentials cost more, retirees have less to spend on the things they enjoy and for their children and grandchildren. And with earlier retirements and longer lives than planned, they may have less money that needs to go further. Yet many people look at retirement as "the golden years," when they will enjoy all that life has to offer. That could mean travel, dining out, or whatever the retiree has deferred during their working years. They do not envision themselves clipping coupons and pinching pennies. In short, it's only getting more difficult to predict how the future will play out, and in particular, what retirement will look like.

The more consumers learn about annuities, the more they like them.

Furthermore, consumers who own annuities have better opinions of them than those who do not. According to Genworth, 91% of annuity owners had positive or neutral impressions of them. In reality, Genworth's research indicates the majority of consumer perceptions regarding annuities are neutral or positive - not negative. Finally, the vast majority of annuity owners say the annuity's expenses are worth the benefits they are receiving from it.

So what can we do to help you reclaim your retirement?

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