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The importance of a well-padded retirement nest egg simply can't be overstated.

We all know a stream of income is necessary for living comfortably, to keep the bills paid, to fund some well-deserved travel, and even to provide security if a medical crisis arises. But really folks, how many of us really have a well-conceived distribution plan?

After your working years, income should come from a number of sources.

Social Security is designed to cover only about 40 percent of an average wage earner's salary and even less for the rest of us. So to fund the other 60 or higher percent, you may want several financial vehicles, including income from stocks, bonds, annuities and other income producing assets.

Surprisingly, many Americans reach the age of 65 - the accepted retirement age - with few or no assets or income sources other than Social Security. In fact, the average working household has virtually no retirement money set aside, according to a June 2013 report from the National Institute on Retirement Security. "Two-thirds of working households age 55-64 with at least one earner have retirement savings less than one times their annual income." Today, millions of Americans have to work into their retirement years to make ends meet.

For the vast majority of us, there will be no pensions similar to those that have provided income throughout the remaining lifetime of past retirees.

So how can we help you with this real problem?

We live in an era that is unprecedented since 1950 in terms of the extraordinary economic challenges that face a person preparing for retirement. Many who actually prepared for their retirement using financial products such as 401(k)s and individual retirement accounts have discovered that their rate of return simply has not provided enough income to justify retirement and to sustain the desired lifestyle. Worse, we have had to deal with the sudden and unexpected downturns of the stock markets in 2000 and 2008 which has significantly changed most people's plans for retirement. Even government pensions, which have been perceived by many as super secure, are now in serious danger.

A new retirement solution is needed, and many Americans who are nearing retirement or in retirement are turning to the protection of annuities. These folks want an investment that is guaranteed to provide income for the rest of their lives without risk. Thus in order to seek protection for the money set aside for known retirement expenses, many folks have decided to ignore the so-called conventional financial wisdom. Instead, they took this portion of their nest egg that they want to protect and put it into fixed indexed annuities.

Fixed indexed annuities can be called by many names, like "index annuities" and "equity indexed annuities," but the common denominator is these products NO downside risk! If you are not willing to risk your principal and earned interest but are willing to accept a little lower interest you could earn in the stock market with undeniable risk, you should prefer to invest some of your money in the indexed annuity.

A fixed indexed annuity offers absolute protection for your money. It pairs a guaranteed minimum interest rate with the opportunity for higher interest crediting based on the performance of the index it is linked to, like the Standard & Poor's 500.

If the S&P 500 has a down year, the annuity won't participate in any financial loss due to a downturn in the index the annuity is linked to. And if the index has a gain, the annuity receives a boost in the interest rate for that year. The index is only a factor that in part determines the interest to be credited, an indexed annuity does not participate directly in the stock market or in an index's gains or returns.

We have been utilizing indexed annuities since 1996 with much success for our clients. Why don't we see how we can help you and your family develop a distribution plan that makes sense and provides for the type of planning that can and will take you through retirement without running out of money?

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