Retire Safe & Tax Free - CD Rates Got You Down

It has been my experience that most CD owners are disappointed with the low rates that they are currently receiving.

I checked today and the average interest rate for a six-month CD is under 1%. In all my years as an advisor, these are some of the lowest rates on a CD that I have ever seen.

Recently, my clients have started to ask me more questions regarding their CDs, and when I ask them why they were in CDs in the first place the answer they give me is inevitably that they didn't know what else to do with the money. Many people invest in CDs because they feel that they are safe and secure. But are they?

People, and my clients alike, who invest in CDs are ultimately looking for security, but in the long run, CDs have proven to be more a risk than reward. I'm sure we can all remember when CDs were at 6%, and then 4% and then down to 3%.

So are CDs really that safe if we continually suffer a constant loss in the earning power?

Plain and simple, CDs simply are not keeping up with the costs of living. One need only look at the price of a gallon of gasoline or a gallon of milk lately to see my point. In a time that we need more from our investments, CDs continue to fall short.

So if you are like me and so many of my other clients and CD rates have you down, I have good news for you and your family. There are other options available that I'd like to discuss with you.

These CD alternatives embrace the positive benefits of a CD (security, safety, liquidity and a guaranteed income stream) but can also guarantee you something a CD cannot - a higher interest rate.

Recently, I was able to arrange for a 70 year old client a GUARANTEED 5.205% Lifetime Income. That is a 5.205% return that can never go down for the rest of his life. By making this simple change, we were able to give him peace of mind and financial stability. No CD has that type of benefit.

Please call me today so I can run you a personal comparison of your current CD against these alternatives - you will be amazed by how much money can be saved. This comparison is completely free, as part of my tax services to you this year, so please take advantage of it and let's help get you more than your current 1%!